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Teksign offers in-house graphic design services.


Teksign has a full manufacturing facility to accommodate any signage need.


Professional sign removal and installation.


We offer repairs to your existing signs, including replacing electrical components and lights.

About us

Teksign was established in 1946 as Technical Plastics. Originally, it manufactured small plastic kitchen household items. By 1948, Tek began building backlit signage. During the 1950's, Tek built signs for many of the early petroleum companies and in 1976, expanded its sales North American wide. For seven decades, Teksign has supplied signage for many well-known brands in automotive, financial, hospitality, general retail and petroleum sectors. In 2010, Teksign moved to Brantford and continues to strive to achieve excellence in the sign industry.



Teksign's mission is being our customers' preference to implement their corporate brand image at facilities around the world. Teksign will exemplify this goal by creating policy leading to successful transactions involving society, its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.


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Adress: 86 Plant Farm Blvd., Brantford, ON N3S 7W3

Phone: 1-877-835-7446


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