Teksign Case Study
Kubota Canada - National Re-imaging Program 2005-2009

Teksign was approached to provide new concepts and proposals to incorporate Kubota's new brand image into a signage program. Drawing on our experience in dimensional sign fabrication Teksign decided to utilize the "buckle" emblem from Kubota’s tractor grill and incorporate it into a vacuum molded acrylic face which was them metalized to match the chrome finish of the tractor grill.


Once the "concept" had been approved, fabrication and engineering drawings were rendered and all final specs provided for costing and manufacturing.

Teksign developed a marketing and order form to be distributed electronically to all of Kubota’s dealers from which signage components could be ordered directly through Teksign’s sales department. Photographs and surveys of each dealer location were supplied by the dealers or Teksign’s wide network of installation agents and photo composites of each location were provided for dealer approval.

As not all dealers required complete new signs, standards were developed to incorporate the new image while maintaining manufacturing standards to ensure smooth transitions into the existing signs.

Manufacture, Inventory, Permit Acquisition, Distribution and Installation

To manage efficiencies various elements were manufactured in advance, stored and shipped from inventory upon demand. Site specific requirements were processed including permit application and acquisition. Teksign was able to keep costs low and at the same time provide responsive delivery dates from receipt of dealer orders. Signage was installed coast to coast using our national network of subcontractors.

Project Reporting

Regular reporting to Kubota’s Corporate Headquarters consisted of a detailed report listing all dealers in Canada along with the status of each location.  Red flag locations indicated a requirement for Kubota’s Regional Sales Manager to contact the dealer.  This basic reporting tool proved very effective in maintaining momentum in branding all dealers where a sign would be permitted. Teksign’s ProgramWorks software was also effective in allowing personnel around the globe the ability to witness the progress made on the re-imaging initiative.