Health and Safety Policy

Consistent with our Mission Statement and Quality Policy, Teksign recognizes that health and safety is essential to the quality of life.  As such, Teksign is committed to ensuring that our employees and sub-contractors have the necessary awareness so they may work in a safe environment.
It is the policy of this company to protect people and property, and to comply with all applicable legislation.  To that end, our health and safety policies shall strive to:

Teksign will make every reasonable effort to provide suitable return to work opportunities for every employee who is unable to perform his or her regular duties following a work-related injury or illness.

It is a condition of employment at Teksign for each employee to ensure that his/her work environment, including all equipment, tools & machinery, are safe.  Every employee is accountable for protecting his or her health and safety by working in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and other applicable laws.  It is the responsibility of all employees to recognize and report any hazards.

Senior Management, Department Managers and Supervisors are accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision, directly or indirectly.  Managers and Supervisors must ensure their workers are adequately trained and work in compliance with the legal requirements and established safe work practices and procedures.

Commitment to health and safety at all levels will form an integral part of Teksign Inc.

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